About Us

The City and County Engineers Association of Los Angeles (CCEA) offers unparalleled networking opportunities for public-service-oriented engineers throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. Focused on serving the educational and professional needs of public works directors, city and county engineers, and other professional personnel serving the 88 incorporated cities and the county, CCEA hosts monthly luncheon meetings to share ideas that help solve engineering problems common to local public agencies.

Our Story

Founded in 1924, CCEA is thought to be one of the oldest engineering professional organizations west of the Mississippi River. Membership was once closely held as invitation-only and included many well-known engineering legends such as the City of Los Angeles’ William Mulholland. Early activities included “wives invited, too” multi-day field trips to then modern-day marvels like the construction of Boulder Dam (now called Hoover Dam) in the 1930s.

Stories from the 1950s through the early 1990s hint that monthly meetings, held at the smoke-filled Taix Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, were lubricated by liberal amounts of alcohol and often lasted well into the afternoon until the workday was over. Membership continued to be closely held, and if a non-member attended a meeting, he (they were pretty much all men back then) had to have a member sponsor and be properly introduced by the member at the beginning of the meeting. Meeting minutes were approved by voice vote, with a hearty “as written, if written.”

In the busy, faster-paced late 1990s, CCEA moved its monthly meetings to Luminarias in Monterey Park. In addition, recognizing the important contribution of the private sector to its mission, consultants and other professionals with an interest in municipal engineering were invited to become Associate Members. Alcohol and cigarettes disappeared, and the monthly meetings became more efficient and focused on the core mission of education, interchange of ideas, advancement of the engineering profession, and enhanced service to the public.

Our Mission

Further the education and welfare of each other.

Promote the interchange of helpful ideas and information.

Work constructively toward the advancement and improvement of the engineering profession.

Seek ways and means by which we may be more useful and efficient to those whom we serve.

Through this mission, we hope to be of greater service to our cities and the County.

Our Leadership

CCEA is led by Board of Directors composed of five officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer), and the two most immediate Past Presidents. A new Secretary-Treasurer is elected annually by the membership and automatically serves as the Vice-President and President in the following two years. Past Presidents, who serve in a non-voting advisory capacity to the Board, are listed here (insert list, or have link to list)

Our Membership

Members include engineers currently employed by or retired from a City, a District, or by the County or the State in the Los Angeles County area (members may also include individuals who, through a contractual relationship, have been named “City Engineer” for a city on a part-time basis).

Honorary Members include all Past Presidents as well as select engineering personnel that the Board of Directors deems desirous of having included in its membership as a reward for their service to the CCEA.

Associate Members include those who are not eligible to be considered Members, but who are interested in the purposes of CCEA. Associate Members are not eligible to vote or to be an officer in the Association.