Past Presentation Materials

May 2024

Navigating the Caltrans Oversight Process: Moving Projects Forward with Caltrans’ Buy-In

Presented by Michael Baker International’s Eric Spangler, PE, TE, Department Manager – Transportation, and Jerusalem Verano, PE, Project Manager – Transportation

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April 2024

Where the Sidewalk Ends…Without More Funding!

Presented by Cori Takkinen, Vice President, Eric Thronson, Deputy Director, and Andres Ramirez, Deputy Director of Townsend Public Affairs

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March 2024

Zero Emission Fleet Transitioning and Electric Vehicle Charging

Presented by Jenna McDavid, Director, Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy & Planning, and Sri Chakravarthy, P.E., T.E., Vice President, Public Works/Transportation Practice Lead from Kimley-Horn & Associates.

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February 2024

Pomona Recycles Clean: SB 1383 Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

Presented by Elisa Mitchell, Management Analyst for the City of Pomona Public Works Department

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January 2024

Accurate Budget Estimating in the Current Environment

Presented by Mr. Peter Bredehoeft with HDR.

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October 2023

Resilient Storm Drain Infrastructure – Wildfires, Emergency Evacuation Routes, and Recovery

Presented by Gean Na of American Concrete Pipe Association

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September 2023

Federal Funding Acts: Requirements & Strategies for LA agencies

Presented by Shane Silsby, CEO of Silsby Strategic Advisors

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August 2023

Early ROW & Utility Considerations for Project Success

Presented by Kari Anvick, R/W-RAC and Mike Mays of Epic Land Solution, Inc

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May 2023

CCPIC Pavement Engineering and Management and Pavement Construction Inspection Classes and Certificate Program

Presented by John Harvey

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April 2023

City of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Water Program and Sustainable Water Infrastructure Project (SWIP)

Presented by Selim Eren

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March 2023

Seismic Risk for California learning from the Turkey Earthquake

Presented by Dilip Khatri

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January 2023

Accurate Budget Estimating in the Current Climate

Presented by Mr. Wayne Richardson from HDR

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October 2022

Standard Practice for Cleaning of Vitrified Clay Sanitary Sewer Pipelines

Presented by Mr. Kent Carlson, Vice President of National Clay Pipe Institute.

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September 2022

Precacst Underground Stormwater Detention / Infiltration

Presented Presented by James Mayer of Precon Products

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August 2022

Climate Adaption & Preparing for Long-Term Resilience

Presented by Ramboll.

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May 2022 – Special Meeting


Presented by TJ Moon.

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May 2022

Transportation Topics and Tales

Presented by Mr. John Fisher (Ret.) Assistant General Manager of City of Los Angeles Dept of Transportation.

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January 2022

Project Estimating in the Current EnvironmentMaterial Increases, Supply Chain Issues, and COVID 19

Presented by Wayne Richardson, PE LEED/ENV and Peter Bredehoeft, AACEI
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October 2021

Trenchless Technologies – New Pipeline Installation:  Pilot Tube Method (PTM) of Guided Boring

Presented by Jeff Borschert, from National Clay Pipe Institute

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Download 2021 NASTT No-Dig Show paper on the Sewer Group 786 project in San Diego (PDF)